Customer Success Story: His Data IS Backed Up

| August 13, 2015

Man I’m so glad I’m on Carbonite.  It saved me!
-Larry, Columbus, OH

Cloud BackupYesterday was another great day when I could save the day for a customer!  Larry and his wife Andrea have been long time customers of mine. When we spoke back in December 2014 about backing up his data, they took my advice and purchased a secure online backup solution. Their backup software has been quietly and unobtrusively working in the background, backing up over 45 GB of their important family photos, music, business and personal files while never interfering with their daily computing system performance.

Fast forward to my appointment yesterday with Larry. He was having a variety of issues with his laptop that I was able to diagnose as a failing hard drive.  Some of his data was accessible, but some was completely corrupted and irretrievable. The laptop was no longer reliable as the hard drive would continue to degrade over time.

Larry was tremendously pleased when I was able to show him all of his files intact as part of his automated online backup.  We talked about his options of either replacing the hard drive or replacing the entire laptop. The unit is 6+ years old, so Larry has decided to purchase a new system.  When he has the new unit, I’m going to assist him in restoring all his critical files.

This is a great lesson: get your backup solution for your files BEFORE you need it. Consider it like insurance. If you wait to get it when you need it, it’s too late.

Carbonite Silver PartnerSOHO Tech is an authorized reseller for Carbonite. If you already know what you want to purchase, click the previous link or the logo to the right to get started. Or contact SOHO Tech to get your critical business and personal files securely backed up. Peace of mind is just a few clicks away.

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