Instant Foreign Language Translation

| July 7, 2014

Word LensHave you ever been travelling and seen a sign in the native language and you didn’t understand it?  Or maybe you were in a situation where you were presented with a document written in a foreign language and you couldn’t read it. Or maybe you wanted to translate that fancy menu, that street sign, or maybe just the French directions for your shampoo.

Well now you can do it in an awesomely cool way. And for free, too! Check out Word Lens app in your Android or Apple app store. It’s kinda difficult to explain. Watch this video and see how it works. There’s also a dictionary if you want to look up a single word. And best of all, you don’t need Internet access to run the app. It works completely offline! It’s not perfect there are some hitches to the translation clarity, and it can only translate from printed text.  But it’s dang cool and will give you at least a semblance of the meaning.

The following language translation pairs are a free download after the initial app installs: English – Russian, English – Spanish, English – French, English – Italian, English – German and English – Portuguese.

So download this app before you travel to a foreign land and make translation a bit easier!

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