Is Your iPhone Secretly Using All Your Data?

| November 11, 2015

Has your data consumption dramatically increased since upgrading your Apple device to iOS9?  If so, you might be suffering as result of a setting called Wi-Fi Assist.  As reported by several news sources, including Maximum PC, Apple is being sued for turning this feature on by default for iOS9 users without their knowledge.

As Apple states, WiFi Assist allows you to “stay connected to the Internet even if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection“. That may sound good, but it really means that if your wireless connection is poor, then you’ll use your mobile data plan instead to download content. And that could use up a lot more of your data than you’re expecting.

wifi-assistHere’s how you can check your settings.  From the SETTINGS app, click on CELLULAR. Scroll to the bottom (past all your apps) and you’ll see the Wi-Fi Assist setting (as shown to the right).

This article says that the problem is overblown hype and that the setting is actually a GOOD thing. On the other hand, this article suggests that it’s probably a good idea to err on the side of caution and to therefore turn Wi-Fi Assist off.

So you be the judge for yourself, depending on your own usage habits and how close you are to hitting your data allotment each month. And remember, you can always switch back if you don’t like your choice.

If you DO want to use data for downloads when your wireless connection is poor, turn this setting on.  If you don’t want to use data when your wireless connection is spotty, turn this setting off.


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