Do You Need Help Setting Up a New Computer?

| January 10, 2016

Help Setting up New ComputerDo you need help setting up a new computer in your home/office? Are you confounded by all the wireless settings, shared printers, backups, antivirus products and other issues?  SOHO Tech can fix your problems!

“Beth” was referred to me by a friend.  That’s the best kind of referral – a previous client who recognizes quality, trusts my expertise, and passes along my contact information to a friend.

Beth needed help setting up her Windows 7 laptop in her new home. The Internet Service Provider had given her a huge stack of papers, but Beth couldn’t find the proper settings buried somewhere among all the paperwork.  I quickly found it, but the handwriting was so bad it was unusable. Is that a 7 or a 1? An 8 or a B? Come on!  Ignoring the paperwork, I found the correct information for her wireless network and quickly configured her laptop to connect.

That was all Beth needed, but I wanted to provide service ABOVE her expectations.  Since her laptop had been offline for several months (due to her recent move), it needed additional attention.  I gave the machine a tune-up, removing several malware objects which were slowing it down, removing unnecessary software which was causing the boot up process to take a long time, update various programs which would out of date, and install several pending Windows security updates.

During these tasks, we also discussed upgrading Windows 10 (not a good fit for various reasons specific to her situation) and her soon to expire antivirus product (which obviously didn’t do a good job at protecting her from the malware on her computer). When that product expires in a couple of months, she’s going to give me a call – as an authorized reseller for numerous antivirus products, I can get her better than retail pricing.

Beth was very appreciative of everything I did for her, answering her questions and bringing up new topics that she hadn’t even thought about yet.  Thanks for the referral Deb, and thanks to Beth for the call. I’m glad I was able to resolve all your issues!

If you have new computers, laptops, tablets or other devices and need help with them, call or contact SOHO Tech today to get on the appointment schedule.  Or you can use the self-scheduling page to select the date/time that accommodates your busy life.

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