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| March 13, 2016

Fake Tech SupportJim called SOHO Tech last week for help with a virus. He saw some weird postings in his Facebook feed and there some pop-ups on his computer, too. When I arrived, Jim said that he called Facebook Tech Support, and they told him he was infected with numerous viruses and that they offered a service to clean them. He showed me the list they told him, as well as their price for cleaning. This isn’t something that the real Facebook company offers, so I was immediately suspicious. The list contained most gibberish phrases which were not virus related.  We talked further about his virus clean up options.

I asked him how he obtained the phone number for Facebook Tech Support and he said he Googled it.  I told him he actually probably called a scammer.  If you ever need support from a company, you should get the phone number for their website. Don’t just web search for it – you can’t be sure the information you’re getting through a web search is the correct information.

Before I cleaned the virus, I gave Jim a couple of options for service. #1: I could clean the virus this once and we’d be done. If he got infected again and needed another cleaning, that’d be another service charge.  Or #2: I could clean this virus and enroll Jim in my Monthly Service Plan. This service plan includes anti-virus software (which is better than what Jim had before), anti-malware software, automatic updating of Windows and 3rd party programs, daily hard drive checks as well as unlimited free virus cleanups during the subscription.

Jim chose option #2, which is affordably priced and keeps his computer in peak operating performance. I enrolled Jim, eliminated the virus, applied several missing security updates on his computer, and made a few configuration changes which will improve computer performance.  And if somehow Jim has a virus problem on this computer in the future, he’s covered at no additional cost.

If you are experiencing virus or malware problems, strange pop-ups in your browser, unknown software that has appeared on your computer, and need help, SOHO Tech can help! I offer one-time service as well as the Monthly Service Program which ensures your computer is clean and updated, and performing as best as possible.  Call or contact SOHO Tech for more information.

As a final note, I hope you enjoy the image at the top of this post. I’m not sure why the guy is wearing a mask while talking on the phone, nor why he’s on a rotary phone.  But I hope it humorously conveys the sentiment that you should be wary of who you talk to on the phone. Just because a person says they’re from tech support doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

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