SOHO Tech Saves Client from Data Loss

| March 1, 2016

SOHO Tech Saves Client from Data LossI first visited Brian in January of 2016 to clean up a virus on his Windows 7 laptop. As part of the clean up process, I always check the health of the hard drive. In this case, the hard drive showed significant damage and was in danger of imminent failure.  He has almost 20 GB of data, too, which he definitely didn’t want to lose!

I communicated the hard drive status to Brian (and completed the virus clean up). He didn’t have a comprehensive backup plan in place.  We talked about my positive experience with Carbonite, which he’s going to investigate as a long term solution

Brian purchased a new hard drive, a nice Solid State Drive which will perform tremendously better than his previous hard drive.  Using my array of tools, I was able to transfer Brian’s documents, pictures, music and other data from the old drive to the new drive.

I delivered the drive back to Brian, saving his data from data from being lost.  Brian was grateful I was able to not only recover his data from the edge of disaster, but also to do so quickly over a weekend.

SOHO Tech can help rescue your data from a failing hard driveIf you have data recovery needs like Brian, or are considering upgrading to a Solid State Drive, contact SOHO Tech.

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